Infographic: Types of YouTube videos small businesses can create

Social Samosa
Apr 01, 2022 05:31 IST
YouTube updates

Here are types of video content and campaigns small businesses can create on YouTube. The infographic also contains tips and tactics in terms of creating native engaging content when on a shoestring budget.

Consumption habits and behavioural patterns on YouTube are constantly evolving. This infographic contains the types of videos popular on the platform, along with how-to guides, equipment requirements, and answers to frequently asked questions, creating an all-encompassing guide for small businesses with limited resources.

Millions of active users in India and the global landscape, campaigns and content garnering millions of views, and the potential for brands and businesses to reach a wide audience, all elements make the platform essential for media plans.

YouTube’s varied set of content and users from diverse parts of the country offers contrasting groups of target audiences, making the platform versatile for multiple sectors of the industry.

As users come with a mindset to revel in long videos, brands also get a prospect to tell stories without time constraints on YouTube.

Along with being eminent in India. YouTube holds also holds a strong presence globally. This infographic on YouTube by Headway Capital delves into the end-to-end creation of YouTube content.

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