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Instagram is testing a new feature to enable users to discover social movements on Instagram. It will be rolled out to a limited number of hashtags that are focused on popular and long-standing movements on Instagram, such as #BlackLivesMatter, #womensrights, and #climatecrisis.

Users will be able to raise awareness about these causes by sharing the hashtag page via DM or creating a fundraiser. The new feature being tested helps people find and support social movements on Instagram.

The new feature will allow users to support, fundraise and spread the word about the social causes centered directly through hashtags. When users search for specific hashtags associated with certain movements, they will have the option to support them. 'Support' shows more information about the movement, 'Spread the Word' lets users share it with friends via DM, and 'Create a Fundraiser' lets users start a fundraiser on behalf of the movement.

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In addition to hearing directly from the users, the platform also consulted a number of organizations, including the GLAAD, NAACP, Advancing Justice – AAJC, Hispanic Heritage Foundation, Othering, and Belonging Institute, and IllumiNative to select the initial list of hashtags. Instagram stated that the platform will continue to work with organizations and experts who focus on different movements,, and bring this experience to more topics on Instagram.

Social movements surrounding climate emergency, racism, and more such severe concerns have advanced on the platform, and hashtags, and story filters, have been clubbing informational posts, for users to find them in one place. Instagram has recently been accentuating features that support such initiatives. Recently, the platform also launched 'Fundraising Reels' that allow the creation of fundraisers and donations to non-profits directly on Reels.

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