#SS40Under40 In the era of digital assets, quantity seems to be taking over quality, says Sumit Chaurasia

Sumit Chaurasia

Sumit Chaurasia of Famous Innovations talks about how tech companies have been absorbing young talent for setting up in-house marketing teams, changing marketing dynamics, and more.

Sumit Chaurasia, Creative Director, Famous Innovations and a part of Social Samosa 40 Under 40, 2022, speaks about his learning from the pandemic as a professional, things that he would like to change in the industry, and a little advice for the future.

3 ground rules/principles that have helped you excel in your career

  • Hard work can beat talent
  • No one denies a good idea 
  • Loyalty pays off

One takeaway from the pandemic & the whole WFH situation

People can adapt to anything and are capable of much more than they give themselves credit for.

What are your views on work-life balance? How do you achieve it in your daily life?

More than work-life balance, I believe in work-life fulfilment. It’s not about the number of hours you give your work or personal life, it’s about the quality of those hours. Do just enough to feel content with your work and your relationships at the end of the day, and be guided by that feeling, not the clock.

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One moment that changed your career…and how?

Following Raj and joining Famous, before it had any employees, clients, an office or even a Mac. I was in a comfortable job in a mid-sized agency and there was a moment when I asked myself – do you believe in a person or in an organization? I chose to believe in the person I looked up to and it changed everything.

Top advertising & marketing trends that you have come across in the last year – these can be takeaways from your daily work-life experience

In the era of digital assets, quantity seems to be taking over quality. So the only way to actually stand out is to focus on creative freshness and quality.

In-house agencies at tech companies are absorbing advertising talent in hordes and younger talent is favouring them for better remuneration. But they are investing very little in nurturing this talent and pushing them creatively – beyond hygiene, and day-to-day communication.

Boundaries have melted away thanks to WFH and Covid, and everyone is working with everyone from everywhere.

One thing that you would like to change in the Indian A&M industry

  • Crunched deadlines
  • Logo on any corner of a digital film.

Any jargon that you think needs to be banned from the A&M lingo?

  • Make things viral
  • Make things contemporary
  • Need clutter-breaking

One message for aspiring A&M professionals

Only good work can take you places.