Twitter tests new immersive & interactive ad formats

Paawan Sunam
Apr 04, 2022 05:07 IST
Twitter ad formats

Twitter is testing three new ad formats in the beta phase to give advertisers efficient and innovative ad formats that contain the potential to deliver measurable results.

Creative storytelling, brand expression, a full-funnel approach, immersive ad experiences, and conversational constituents, are a few of the elements Twitter is incorporating in their products being tested in the pilot phase for three new formats. These formats include Interactive Text, Product Explorer, and Collection Ads. The platform would explore the functionalities and experiment with improving the ad formats. All three ad formats will be visible to people in the US on iOS devices, Android devices, and the Web.

Interactive Text Ads

This ad format plays up the native form of Twitter - text and blends it with clickable CTAs. Interactive Text Ads will enable advertisers to highlight their ad copy with a bigger and bolder typeface than the standard font. it will highlight up to three words that will drive consumers to landing pages (external websites) when clicked. Advertisers and brands would have up to ten colours to choose from for the highlight. Oreo, Bud Light, and Wendy’s in the US will be testing this format with Twitter.

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Product Explorer Ads

Product Explorer debuts 3D on Twitter, allowing consumers to swipe and rotate a brand’s products to see them from different angles, giving brands a chance to replicate the offline experience of viewing a product, and display products in 3D on Twitter. Consumers can click directly on the ad’s stop button and go to the advertiser’s website.

Collection Ads

Collection Ads couples storytelling and showcase products into a single ad format. Brands can display a primary hero image with up to five smaller thumbnail visuals below. The primary image remains static while consumers can browse through the thumbnails via a horizontal scrolling experience. Each of the images displayed can drive consumers to a different website or product landing page.

New Balance, Lexus, Bose, and a few other select brands in the US will be piloting Product Explorer and Collection Ads with the platform. Early experiments aim to comprehend how the new ad formats are received and if they're able to resonate with the consumers.

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