15 Publisher ABBYs and 87 Media ABBYs on Day 1 of Goafest; Mindshare wins Media Agency of the Year & Bennett Coleman and Company Ltd wins Publisher of the Year

Goafest 2022 ABBY Awards

#Abby2022: To mark its 15th year, Goafest 2022 kickstarted with a bang and saw some promising winners on its first day. Lodestar UM won the Grand Prix in Media for their campaign, ‘The Punishing Signal’ for Mumbai Police.

Day 1 of Goafest 2022’s ABBY Awards focused on Publisher & Media. 2022’s ABBY saw a surge in nominations and included entries from the last three years. There were a total of 1014 nominations in the Media Category with 356 winners viz a viz 811 nominations as compared to the last Goafest held in the year 2019.

ABBY’s also introduced the Certificate of Merit in The Publisher Category after their association with The One Show which is the highlight of this year. Following The OneShow methodology, Merit is introduced for the entries that miss Bronze but are worth appreciation for the work.

As the sun went down on Day 1, it was time for the presentation of the Publisher and Media ABBYs. A total of 15 Publisher ABBYs and 87 Media ABBYs were awarded tonight. For Publisher ABBYs, 5 Gold, 3 Silver, and 7 Bronze metals were awarded and 4 entries were given a Certificate of Merit. Lodestar UM won the Grand Prix for Mumbai Police for their campaign, ‘The Punishing Signal’. For Media ABBYs, 21 Gold, 28 Silver, and 37 Bronze metals were awarded. Mindshare became the ‘Media Agency of the Year’ and Bennett Coleman and Company Limited was awarded Publisher of the Year.

Mindshare, Lodestar UM, Madison, Initiative Media India Pvt. Ltd., SoCheers, Fulcro, Schbang, and Bennett Coleman and Company Limited won Gold at Media ABBY Awards – 2022, and Bennett Coleman and Company Limited, FCB Group India, and HT Media Limited won Gold at PUBLISHER ABBY Awards – 2022.

Bennett Coleman and Company Limited was awarded Publisher of the Year
Mindshare became the Media Agency of the Year

Discussing the ABBY Awards at Goafest 2022, Partha Sinha, President, The Advertising Club said, “2022 is definitely a landmark year because of the collaboration of the ABBY Awards with The One Show, and this is a game-changing proposition. It gives a platform to a plethora of agencies, enabling it to become more global. We owe it to the industry to bring something of global standing especially when we are one large world.” 

Speaking about the ABBYs Awards, Rana Barua, Chairman, Abby Awards Governing Council 2022 & Vice President of The Ad Club said, “A staggering number of participants has been witnessed, surpassing all previous records. In addition to agencies that have participated since our inception, we have also seen those returning every year. Overall, the numbers are higher this month since we had to package everything together in one month. This year and henceforth, Goafest will be considerably bigger and more extravagant.”

You can download Media ABBY Awards – 2022 and PUBLISHER ABBY Awards here!