Aisle launches Neene a vernacular dating app for Kannadiga speaking market

Aisle Neene

Aisle has announced the launch of a vernacular dating app ‘Neene’, for Kannadiga singles, as a part of its regional expansion plan.

Aisle has announced the launch of its vernacular dating app ‘Neene’, for Kannadiga singles both in India and abroad. Neene, which translates to ‘Only You’ in Kannada aims to remove the barriers of language and region among Kannadigas looking for committed long-term relationships. After Arike, Anbe and Neetho for Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu speaking audiences, Neene is the fourth app in the suite of Aisle’s vernacular dating apps. The company is all set to focus on creating a personalised experience for different cultures and regions in India

Although Kannada pop culture and films encourage love marriages and finding life partners independently, the singles of the region did not have a platform to explore their options online until now. Neene is the first and only app catering to the Kannadiga community. Neene offers a personalised online dating experience for Kannadiga singles worldwide, allowing them to find exclusive and committed life partners through the app.

Designed specifically for the community, Neene’s feature of ‘Trivia Games’ creates a fun and interactive way for singles to build a connection by finding common regional interests. In addition to this, users can also send virtual notes to express their interest in other members and help connect on a deeper level. The centre of all features on the app is to help build a strong relationship between its users.

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Able Joseph, Founder and CEO, Aisle, said, “The collective mindset of Indians is changing in terms of dating and so are regional audiences who are warming up to the ideas of online dating. After the outstanding success of our previous vernacular apps, we are confident about the need for region-specific dating apps in India. Our newest launch Neene is an addition to this set for our Kannada speaking audiences looking for committed long-term relationships. With Neene we hope to be so effective in matching Kannadiga singles that users end up deleting the app forever post finding their partner.”