BeenThereDoneThat enters the Indian market with Rediffusion

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BeenThereDoneThat, a consultancy that provides solutions to companies that are facing growth challenges, enters the Indian market in partnership with Rediffusion.

New York and London-based strategic and creative consultancy BeenThereDoneThat (BTDT) has partnered with Rediffusion to roll out services in India.

BTDT, which has a community of over 350 of the world’s top chief strategy and chief creative officers, is known for providing actionable solutions to companies facing growth challenges. BTDT are known for ’solving the world’s toughest marketing problems using the world’s sharpest minds’.

“We are fortunate enough to be going to market in partnership with Dr Sandeep Goyal and his fantastic Rediffusion team. They see the potential for a model like ours and are working closely with us to identify the right client partners to start our journey in the region. We are in a unique position to offer clients access to the world’s best Indian talent, wherever they may be based. Our model is based on harnessing the world’s best thinkers, when and where our clients need them.” BTDT cofounder Edward Rogers said on the partnership.

“Our model is based on harnessing the world’s best thinkers, when and where our clients need them. We have a community of 350 of the very best strategic/creative thinkers and we work in weeklong sprints to define our clients’ problems, align on a brief and access the three most interesting, experienced thinkers to develop a range of solutions. A week later, we’re presenting diverse thinking to our clients and helping them refine to actionable outputs.” Edward Rogers further added.

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“BTDT is the best in class globally in strategic thinking, especially for businesses faced with growth challenges. In India, many of the emerging unicorns, tech businesses, and even legacy brands can use the massive talent pool of BTDT for their advantage,” said Dr. Sandeep Goyal, Managing Director, Rediffusion.

The idea of BTDT came about when cofounder David Alberts and Rogers got together to talk about the challenges agencies and senior talent were experiencing, back in 2014, to find a smarter, more efficient way to solve the problems faced by companies. They figured that the agency model hadn’t changed in 50 years and there was frustration on both sides of the equation - from clients and senior agency talent.

Everyone in the community is hand-selected with rigour. They include chief strategy, creative, innovation, experience and design officers from top organizations and brands. On the product design and offerings, BTDT has productized its offering to help solve clients’ most significant problems faster and more affordably. This spans the strategic/creative gamut - brand purpose, positioning, innovation, sustainability, eCommerce, brand growth and design.