Case Study: How the JKCement WallMaxX integrated campaign scored an engagement rate of 19%

JKCement WallMaxX

The JKCement WallMaxX campaign with the help of social media, celebrities, and content collaborations, created a campaign that focussed on standing out in the increasingly competitive wall putty space.

Here’s a look at how the JKCement WallMaxX campaign spread the simple message of goodness within and reached 25 Mn+ users.

Category Introduction

  • Total size of putty business: 3.8 Million tons
  • Expected CAGR in the next 5 years: 6-7%

Brand Introduction

JKCement WallMaxX, formerly known as JK Wall Putty is a white cement-based wall putty formulated with extra-long life polymers (XLLP) which protects the painted surface from flaking and crack formation. Their unique formulation gives a smooth, glossy and durable finish to walls and adds long-lasting beauty to walls.

The brand uses social media extensively to reach out to its target audience and create brand awareness and engagement leading to brand salience.  

JKCement WallMaxX Campaign – Summary

In a world increasingly moving towards floozy, fake goods, they wanted to celebrate people for being actually good, good from inside and not just exterior good. This resonates with the brand’s truth that JKCement WallMaxX wall-putty is an integral ingredient behind beautiful looking walls. Keeping this in mind, the brand launched an integrated digital campaign, #AndarSeSundar, which celebrates people who are good from within.

Problem Statement/Objective

Wall Putty as a category has seen a lot of new entrants in the past few years. JKCement WallMaxX has always talked about the benefit of their product when it comes to beautifying falls.

However, with rising competition, they had to unlock brand love in this low involvement category by diving deep and showcasing the root cause behind beautiful walls.

To create a digital-first campaign that ensures high engagement and edutainment in an otherwise low-involvement category.


Walls are a foundational structure and enclosure for any building. Various things make up a wall – from bricks, cement, mortar, putty, and paint, to finally the decor that goes on top. However, the narrative has always been two things, either Exterior beauty (paint) or Inner strength (grey cement).

The brand wanted to have an optimal mix of cultural narrative and functional benefits to this already cluttered category. Wall putty is a product sandwiched between grey cement plaster and paint, which gives a stronger adhesion to the painted surface thus giving it a long-lasting life by resisting flaking. In the campaign, the brand says, “We wanted to come up with a campaign which talks about the reason behind beautiful walls (cause) as opposed to our earlier communication which was in the space of our product benefit (effect).”

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Creative Idea

The campaign video was conceptualised by JK Cement’s in-house team in collaboration with Pippip Media. In line with the brief, the idea was to connect the cultural truth with that of the brand truth. Since JKCement WallMaxX can’t be seen from the outside, instead they make the walls beautiful from the inside. And this beauty is long-lasting and not flaky.

Similarly, today’s world is moving towards the projection of outward beauty which may be superficial and short-lived. Being genuinely good from within is a virtue that is sometimes not acknowledged. Keeping this in mind, the brand has come up with JKCement WallMaxX #AndarSeSundar campaign that celebrates people who are good from within, no matter who is watching. 


  • To create a buzz in an otherwise low-involvement category
  • To communicate the message in a light-hearted manner and avoid being preachy


Social Media: Before the launch of the Hero film, a series of interactive posts during the build-up phase were circulated through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. With content like “The unseen act of goodness” and “Reel nehi Real-life Heros” the brand created a sense of curiosity among its target audience.

With the launch of the hero film, the campaign #AndarSeSundar flagged off on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Media Promotions & Innovations The Hero Video was promoted on Digital Media platforms through a sharp targeting strategy. Platforms like Disney+HotStar, JioTV, Sony LIV and publications like Financial Express, Jan Satta, The Indian Express and The Economics Times were used for the promotion of the campaign. This also included advertising on premium properties like Kapil Sharma Show, India West Indies series etc. Rich media and lock screen innovations were also adopted to promote the campaign.

Better India Collaboration – The brand also collaborated with the world’s largest positive content-driven impact platform, “The Better India” to recognise people from different walks of life for their contribution to society.  The platform not only promoted their campaign but also appreciated the effort put in by the brand to beautifully inculcate the social message in their campaign.

#AndarSeSundar Contest:  The brand also probed the social media audience to share their #AndarSeSundar stories.

Influencer Marketing: To amplify the contest and the larger thought, the brand collaborated with celebrities & micro-influencers who narrated their #AndarSeSundar stories with a CTA to take part in the contest.


AR/VR Filter: A Technology Integration on Facebook and Instagram through filter creation via Sparks AI, where the audience is engaged in a virtual game to check their #AndarSeSundar score.

Social Experiment Video: A Social experiment done at real locations with real people to see how many people in today’s world are #AndarSeSundar.



  • Impressions: 37 Mn+
  • Views: 23 Mn+
  • Reach: 25 Mn+
  • Engagement: 7.1 Mn
  • The campaign has scored an engagement rate of almost 19%.

“In a world increasingly moving towards floozy, fake good, we wanted to create a point of view on being actually good, good from inside and not just exterior good. This resonates with our brand truth that JKCement WallMaxX wall-putty is an integral ingredient behind beautiful looking walls: #AndarSeSundar is the cause and #DeewareinBolUthengi is the effect. We have taken a light-hearted, humorous approach for this film rather than being preachy to ensure repeat-watching, salience and entertainment. Our objective was to unlock brand love by adding a “Dil”to the “Deewar”, in an otherwise low-involvement category,” said, Indranil Lahiri, Brand Head – White Cement Business, JK Cement Ltd.