Cleartrip Tatkaal announces ‘The Good News’ with their new campaign

Cleartrip campaign

Cleartrip introduces its latest proposition ‘Cleartrip Tatkaal’, redefining the way you can book your upcoming domestic travels. The campaign is designed to create a 360 impact, including fit to format digital creatives, impact digital properties, on-ground activations at airports, Twitter activation, and meme marketing to spread the word amongst consumers.

The rapidly growing online ticketing platform, Cleartrip, launches its new offering and campaign, conveying the brand’s value-based initiative that gives a flat 50 percent discount on flights and hotels on limited bookings at 12 Noon daily.

The proposition builds on the notion that no news is better than this good news and the 20-second adverts portray the excitement and joy of getting domestic flights and hotel bookings at half their price.

Whether it’s expected pregnancy or funding for a startup, the news does not bring as much joy as discounts on flight and hotel bookings do, and the enthusiasm is captured in the campaign that was initiated with social media creatives hinting at the rollout of the good news.

Tatkaal has always meant immediate booking for Indian travel consumers, but with the new offering by Cleartrip, the brand redefines the term, expressing how customers can book a holiday without restricting them with budgets, which might even allow them to enjoy a longer

Cleartrip generated buzz for the property through multiple channels and outlets such as social media, web SEO, emailers, web, app, paid media, influencers, and media outlets. In addition to the video campaign, the brand rolled out 6-second bumper ads and static creatives. The campaign augments excitement about the offering and conveys the proposition in crisp and on-point

Further, the brand has been actively talking about Cleartrip Tatkaal on its social media platforms. From interactive GIFs that remind consumers to tune in at noon to relatable and funny memes, Cleartrip has been creating content actively.

The brand also conversed with its peers such as Flipkart, Shopsy, Myntra, and more thus reaching out to a wide array of consumers.

Through the campaign, the brand has experienced great incremental traffic to its website and app. Cleartrip Tatkaal relies on the proposition of giving consumers true value through their services and discount, thus standing out in the clutter.