How Ryan Reynolds couples motherly affection with campaigns

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds blends the motherly innocence into promotional campaigns for Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin to promote new offerings and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Data, statistics, corporate control, CTA-based communication, segmentation of target audience, and all the similar factors that contribute to the creation of a campaign are irrelevant in the case of campaigns for brands owned by Ryan Reynolds

The campaigns bank on humane needs, reactions, and interactions and don’t look at consumers as a data point, but as just another human that will relate to real interactions. For Mother’s Day 2022, Ryan Reynolds-owned brands Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin bring in a wholehearted endorser that remains honest to goodness and recites promotional lines with innocence.

The communication in these campaigns is tailored in a way that addresses consumer needs but does not shift away from the brand language that almost always includes a touch of humour.

‘Spokesmom’ the campaign for Mint Mobile introduces the barely paid spokesperson to introduce a money-saving plan. The series of adverts promoting the Family Plan is short and casual, under 30 seconds the campaigns manage to state the offering catering to plausible needs, and frame the communication whilst sustaining a non-ad-like tonality. Another one of the adverts in the series also features Robyn Lively, Ryan’s sister-in-law.

In a campaign for Aviation Gin, another one of the brands owned by Reynolds, Tammy Reynolds, “real mother” of Ryan, is seen guiding the son through the recipe of ‘Mother’s Ruin Punch’ a cocktail recipe to celebrate Mother’s Day. The wisecracks thrown at her son by Tammy shows where Ryan gets the witty humour from.

These campaigns are not the first time Tammy has appeared in commercials for brands owned by her son. Her first appearance was in the advert ‘New ManageMint’ that was released in the initial phase of the pandemic, she was seen expressing appreciation and love for Ryan.

She has previously also appeared in a Mother’s Day campaign for Mint Mobile, with a voiceover on the family pictures along with a brief appearance, urging all sons and daughters to call their mothers, unlike Ryan who does not call his mother despite owning a phone company.