Instagram refreshes brand identity with new visuals, UI, & more

Instagram UI

Instagram has unveiled its redesigned brand identity and UI with an intent to reflect its brand evolution of the movement, inclusivity, and new purpose.

Along with the visual UI, Instagram also built a custom typeface to portray a distinguished identity. The typeface was initiated through the platform’s design foundation and was finalized after multiple scripts. The new brand identity has been built with a branding system that considers applications across multiple types of channels. The overall visual UI intends to bring more vibrancy that doesn’t seem one-dimensional.

Sharing the creative approach towards the redesigned brand identity Cynthia P, Creative Director, Instagram from Meta, shares “We approached the design evolution from a spirit of innovation and exploration by assembling a brain trust of global typographers, artists, and creative technologists who’d push our boundaries. Together, we kept the best of the brand, while infusing it with new energy and powers of expression”.

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Instagram Sans

In an attempt to make the typeface “distinct, legible, and versatile”, Instagram collaborated with Colophon Foundry and more global foundries to launch the typeface in three variants – Regular, Headline and Condensed. Instagram has also created global scripts in collaboration with several typographers to enable accessibility.

Daniel S, Creative Director, Instagram from Meta, shared “We explored how typography can be a tool for expression and how our new typeface can go beyond letters on a screen. Instagram Sans is inspired by the design of our logo and the script letterforms from our wordmark. The letterforms in Instagram Sans Headline add a human touch, as well as a moment of ownership, joy, and surprise”.

Illuminated Gradient

The platform collaborated with Rose Pilkington, 3D Digital Artist & Motion Designer, to create a digital light that can be customized on each application, where the gradient is unique every time it’s used. Rose shared, “The concept is that the gradient feels like it’s made of light, so it feels illuminated. And it has a kind of a sense of depth to it”.

Visual Layout

The new visual layout gives more prominence to the Instagram logo when the app is opened, and the overall layout would now focus more on the community. Marketing layouts would have the logo paired with imagery and type.