Met Gala 2022 creatives wrap themselves around the gilded glamour

Met Gala 2022 creatives

The public affair organized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art was not just a topical discussion amongst general users and meme pages; Met Gala 2022 creatives present the modern-day vogue with a promotional lining.

This year’s theme for one of the most fashionable and globally awaited events, the Met Gala, was ‘Gilded Glamour’, a concept inspired by New York’s Gilded Age, and the theme was not restricted to the opulent attire of famous personalities, it was also adorned by the Met Gala 2022 creatives.

The spotlight on the red carpet also lit up several trending conversations on social networks, and tapping the trending conversations, brands shared relatable instances, and integrated promotional elements, to become a part of the topical wave.

RIO Pads portrayed the period pain and scenarios with celebrity looks, Badshah Masala spelt out the difference between variants on a menu with an identical frame, Lego illustrated renditions of memorable outfits, and more brands presented their version of the infamous looks.

Walk through the carpet filled with Met Gala 2022 creatives.

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RIO Pads

Badshah Masala



Tinder India

Domino’s Pizza India

GeeksforGeeks School

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