Meta introduces new Graph API & Marketing API

Paawan Sunam
May 31, 2022 05:49 IST
New Update
Meta Marketing API

Meta has launched Facebook Graph API v14.0 and Marketing API v14.0 and has highlighted changes below that are relevant to the developer community. These changes include announcements, product updates, and notifications on deprecations that are relevant to application(s)’ integration with the platform.

New Optimization Support for Meta Marketing API

Beginning with Graph API v14.0, Meta will support the setup and editing of Post Conversion Optimization to enable advertisers to optimize for events deeper in the conversion funnel than the current portfolio of optimizations. The product is currently in beta with a limited number of advertisers.

New Connected Apps Feature in Business Manager

The platform introduced a new feature in Business Manager called "Connected Apps" to give businesses more visibility into the Tech Provider app integrations they use for managing business assets on Meta's platform. Businesses are now able to access the Connected Apps feature to view and manage their Tech Provider apps within the system user tool. In the coming months, Meta plans to expand the Connected Apps feature to give businesses additional functionality to control and manage their Tech Provider app integrations.

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Simplifying Categories for Whatsapp Message Templates

The company is rolling out simplified categories for message template creation in the WhatsApp Business Management API and WhatsApp Manager UI. The new categories, Transactional, Marketing and One-time passwords, are also more inclusive of marketing-focused use cases now possible on the platform and will be supported by Graph API v14.0 or higher. Businesses will still be able to use the current template categories, such as Account Update or Shipping Update, on older versions of the Graph API until May 2024, when they will officially sunset.

Updates to the User Profile API on Messenger API for Instagram

Meta is adding the username field in the user profile API on Messenger API for Instagram with the Graph API v14.0 release. This will make it easier for creators and businesses on Instagram to debug conversation threads, and manage conversations between multiple apps like Instagram, Page Inbox, and other customer experience tools.

Updates to Permissible Use Cases for user_likes and user_posts

Permissible use cases will include parental access controls and monitoring apps that analyze user likes and user post content. These apps are used by parents and guardians to detect potential risks to the safety or wellbeing of people under 18 years of age. The apps are limited to youth social media analysis as presented in the app’s user interface. Apps with access to these permissions that do not fall under the updated permissible use cases will be subject to enforcement action.

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