Meta launches New Ads & Messaging Tools for small businesses

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For small businesses to improve connectivity and identify higher quality leads, Meta introduces new ads & messaging tools

To chip in on National Small business Week, Meta rolled out new tools for businesses to manage conversations and ads. To company that, they also introduced more ways to generate leads and share more about their business through New Ads & Messaging tools.

Start & Manage Conversations

With new features in line, starting today businesses will be able to link their Facebook and Instagram ads directly to their WhatsApp Chats. Many businesses are finding that this to be the best way to be discovered by new customers and start up a conversation.

Along with that, soon businesses will be able to create the full ads directly from the WhatsApp Business app. Ensuring a faster and easier way for the small businesses to find new customers.

Updates on Meta Business Suite

Additionally, Meta announced two new work-in-progress features for Meta Business Suite.

  • WhatsApp comes to inbox: To save businesses time and increase productivity, Meta has brought WhatsApp to the inbox. With testing in progress, now business can handle their messages from Facebook Messenger and Instagram Directs all under one roof; from the same WhatsApp Number. With Meta still testing and learning the new update, they will keep the audiences updated.
  • Marketing messages: For small business to drive more sales and ensure customer loyalty in Meta Business Suite, Meta has started testing a new capability that will allow businesses to send promotional message campaigns via Messenger to customers who opt in. If the customer opts in, the businesses can send in reminders about upcoming ventures to keep them in the loop with the business's future activities.

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Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition Tools

To improve end-to-end management of lead generation, Meta announces the launch of:

  • Quote request on Instagram: With testing on selected business profiles, this new tool allows businesses to put a "Get Quote" button on their Instagram profile and use "Get Quote" stickers in Stories. With these new tools, businesses will be able to set up custom questions to ask customers prior to starting a conversation.
  • Lead filtering with Instant Forms: Businesses will soon be able to pursue leads that are most promising with lead filtering in Lead Ads Instant Forms. Responses to a multiple-choice question can be used to filter leads that may not be as good of a fit for them.
  • Creative flexibility: In order for the businesses to share more visual information about their business and nurture people's interest, Meta is testing a more flexible and patronizable Instant Form, allowing businesses to add visuals and content in the form.
  • Gated content: More sooner than later, businesses will be able to provide their customers with an exclusive, relevant content for those who complete the Lead Ads Instant Form. Where, without redirecting to their websites businesses can offer content like brochures or product pricings.
  • Partner integrations: Businesses will now be able to directly download lead info to their own CRM, which will make following up with potential customers easier.