Oreo & Netflix introduce Red Velvet variant in a Stranger Things avatar

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May 28, 2022 03:49 IST
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Red Velvet Oreo

As a part of their campaign for the Red Velvet variant, Oreo collaborated with Netflix, leveraging the conversations and fervor around the upcoming season of Stranger Things

In a recent update, Oreo collaborated with Netflix for the much talked about Season 4 of Stranger Things. For the launch of their Oreo Red Velvet cookies, the brand designed an elaborate, intriguing, and playful collaboration that got fans and followers spooked.

The brand released a video of Stranger Things like rifts, appearing in their warehouse, sucking up the Oreos and turning them a bright shade of red. As Oreo and Netflix conversed about this strange happening, a conversation ensued on social media.

In reply to the #OreoTurnsRed video, Netflix released a disclaimer acknowledging the strange happening. In a fun manner, the OTT brand referenced the upside-down, stating how the red Oreos are just as delicious. Both, Oreo and Netflix played their parts to the tee, generating curiosity around what’s brewing. Netflix further managed to keep the intrigue around the red cookies alive through its cheeky answer which was made to look like a serious announcement.

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The initiative further saw fans and followers engaging with the brands and sharing their take on the activity.


Culminating the campaign, Oreo released a final video, depicting the Red Velvet Oreo in a stranger things avatar where the show’s signature background score and visuals come together to create the red cookie. Netflix too was a part of the video release journey.

Netflix and Oreo - both brands have been known for their conversational style of marketing, making the association an apt fit. Further, by collaborating with a show as anticipated as Stranger Things, the Red Velvet Oreos manage to reach a wider audience.

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