Ramzan & Eid Campaigns 2022 spread the spirit of togetherness

Eid Campaigns 2022

Emphasizing the meaning of family, friends and togetherness, Eid Campaigns from 2022 saw a wide range of creatives.

The core essence of Ramazan is celebrating the festival together as a family with emphasis on the spirit of giving and forgiving. This year, brands from around the world took this essence and created some very heartwarming Eid Campaigns for 2022.

McDonald’s India gave their catch-phrase, ‘I’m Lovin’ it’ a new meaning. Shifting the focus on how sharing a meal together in the month of Ramzan creates new bonds. While Surf Excel Pakistan, with their TVC, taught the meaning of #KhushiyonKaSadqa.

Giving the festival a touch of spice, Pakistani brand Shan Foods took a different route and showcased a variety of dishes from around the world in short clips in their campaign, #RamadanAroundTheWorld, giving a glimpse of how the world spreads joy through food.

Many more brands put their creative caps on this festive season, filled with humour and warmth. Here’s a look at some Ramzan and Eid Campaigns from 2022.

Eid Campaigns 2022

McDonald’s India

Shan Foods- #RamadanAroundtheWorld

Coca-Cola Pakistan

McDonald’s Indonesia

India Gate- An Emotion called Biryani


Abdul Latif Jameel Motors

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Surf Excel- #KhushiyonKaSadqa

KFC Pakistan

Tang Pakistan- #BanaeinBehtarMustaqbilRozana

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