Snapchat enables users to collaborate over Shared Stories

Paawan Sunam
May 31, 2022 04:30 IST
Snapchat Shared Stories

Snapchat users can now come together to create 'Shared Stories' that would be displayed on each of their profiles, enabling them to co-create content in the ephemeral format and make a thread of Stories.

With the introduction of Shared Stories, users can create a Story, friends can contribute to it, and the added group can add more friends to contribute to, enabling a whole community on Snapchat to collaborate over the ephemeral format. The Shared Stories will appear on the profiles of all the users' who are a part of the thread.

Alike regular Stories, Shared Stories are deleted after 24 hours, but the functionality of chat seen in regular Stories on Snapchat is not available. Users also have the option to leave a Shared Story. Further, if someone they have blocked joined the Story, the platform will notify the other members who are a part of the Shared Story.

This feature is an iteration of Custom Stories, a tool previously launched to enable users to create a Story and add friends to view and contribute to it.

The pioneer of the ephemeral format has also been reinventing Stories with various integrations that merge other features and content formats with it. Shared Stories is one of the latest versions to be launched, the other recent variation being Dynamic Stories.

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Dynamic Stories is designed to publish premium content for the Snapchat community, and as a way to highlight news and information from credible and trusted sources. This version can be accessed via the Discover tab, an in-app content hub by Snapchat.

The new Discover format uses a partner’s RSS Feed to automatically create Stories from the content a Publisher is already creating on the web, and display it on Snapchat. By tying publishing on Snapchat into the partners’ existing workflow, Snapchat has created an easy way for them to create daily content and significantly lower costs.

Available in the Discover feed, these Stories update in real-time, and users can keep up with the latest news as it breaks. Whether it’s breaking news from credible sources on the war in Ukraine or the latest in pop culture or fashion.

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