Twitter announces the launch of updated Privacy Policy

Paawan Sunam
May 16, 2022 05:48 IST
Twitter Privacy Policy

Twitter has announced an updated privacy policy that is built upon three pillars built with an intent to make Twitter’s privacy practices simple and approachable and encourage users to take charge of their personal information on the platform.

The new privacy policy, redesigned site, and Twitter Data Dash are available today in nine languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.

The three pillars include:

  • Reimagined privacy policy and privacy site: rewritten with easy to understand language
  • Twitter Data Dash: A new privacy video game to teach people about the privacy policies in an infotainment format
  • Research into privacy icons: For privacy settings and controls recognizable on Twitter and elsewhere globally

Privacy Policy & Site

Twitter has rewritten the privacy policies in an attempt to make it more understandable in layman's language and decrease the use of legal jargon. Users can see the updates to the privacy policy and terms of service in the app via settings and on the redesigned privacy policy site. The rewritten tone is also supported by categorization into primary sections: data collection, data use, and data sharing.

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Users can also find an expanded scope of reference to content on Twitter beyond Tweets, accounting for the increasingly rich media found on Twitter, a clearer explanation of how the company personalizes the Twitter experience and the ads users see. Additionally, the revamped format of the privacy policy site includes direct answers to commonly asked questions about how data is collected and used. Takeaways at the top of each section of the site intend to be more easily read and new illustrations give a visual representation of the privacy policy.

Twitter Data Dash

Twitter Data Dash is the new privacy policy video game. Twitter Data Dash will take users through some of the more complicated concepts of the privacy policy, help them learn how to safely navigate the Twitterverse, and discover the data-related tools.

Privacy Iconography

Twitter is working on reimagined privacy iconography - visual symbols that represent core settings related to security and privacy across the service. Like the magnifying glass is a widely recognized icon indicating a search function.

The standardized privacy icons aim to jump language barriers for privacy settings and controls recognizable on Twitter and elsewhere globally. Through research and conversations with stakeholders, Twitter learned that those who have used or seen the privacy settings feel more if they are easier to understand. Twitter has been ideating and conducting research into privacy iconography and plans to publish findings and ideas soon.