Twitter to limit visibility of copy-pasted Tweets

Twitter copy

Twitter has announced that it will be limiting the visibility of copy-pasted or duplicated Tweets to conserve users from a repetitive or disruptive experience.

‘Copypasta’, is a reference to copy-and-paste functionality to duplicate content and this content is not similar to the copy-paste tactic used for increasing the reach of a message or other purposes. Although copy-pasted Tweets used to artificially amplify content, suppress information or manipulate Twitter’s Trends, Top Search results and conversations, would have limited visibility on Twitter.

Copy-Pasted Tweets

  • Identical or near-identical content Tweeted by an individual account or many accounts, even if the users involved only uses one account
  • Duplicate or copy-pasted Tweets that may disrupt the experience of others, including mentioning users or using hashtags with the same Tweet content in concert with other accounts

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  • Retweeting existing content using the Retweet feature
  • Copy-pasting, or Tweeting existing content, combined with unique content, commentary, or reaction, or explicitly quoting the copied content

Limitations On Visibility

  • Tweets become ineligible for amplification in Top Search results and on Trends
  • Tweets will not be recommended in timelines of users who don’t follow the Tweet author
  • Tweets in replies will be downranked
  • Tweets will be excluded and/or accounts in email or in-product recommendations

Severe Violations

  • Automation or scripting to post duplicative content
  • Operating one account or multiple accounts where the majority of the content promotes duplicative content resulting in spammy, inauthentic engagement
  • Repeated participation in copypasta and duplicate Tweet efforts to promote content that is in violation of other Twitter Rules