ZebPay establishes itself as a Pro in Crypto with new campaign #CryptoMeinPro

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Crypto asset brands are in the infant phase of building trust and credibility, and the industry has been taking various routes to achieve this; ZebPay takes the straightforward path and states they're an ace on the subject that matters - Crypto assets.

The campaign by ZebPay highlights their differentiated approach through a series of hilarious videos and posts, albeit with a twist. The campaign highlights how passionate and knowledgeable ZebPay is when it comes to crypto with a humorous take on investment and trading in the asset class that is crypto.

#CryptoMeinPro consists of a variety of scenarios, first beginning in a boardroom setup, where the ZebPay discusses the need to onboard a celebrity who has in-depth knowledge of crypto asset, to market the platform. The team however concludes that the best crypto expert is their in-house senior analyst, showcasing celebrities in the realm of crypto are the ones who’ve spent years understanding the technology thus establishing how knowledge and understanding of this subject is what matters.

The second film shows the ZebPay team playing scrabble, as they attempt to outsmart each other through words relevant to the crypto asset industry. Once again showing that while their knowledge when it comes to words might be limited, they know everything about crypto.

Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, and created in association with the production house Nirvana Films, the multi-film campaign weaves in topical instances, indicating that the brand may not have an understanding of topical posts, advertising with celebrities, and more, but they signify their superior knowledge in crypto assets and highlight it in the campaign.

The creative approach is designed to show the importance of financial literacy amongst investors and establish investment or trading in crypto as a serious business that needs expert advice as opposed to a big campaign.

Raj Karkara, COO, ZebPay, said "As pioneers of crypto in India since 2014, our goal is to educate, support, and enable investors as they navigate this rapidly evolving ecosystem. By showcasing our deep industry expertise built through years of experience, we seek to communicate the importance of choosing the right partner that is as serious about investing in crypto as our users are".

The campaign is aligned with the brand's mission to "educate, support and enable investors", with a humorous packaging that engages the layman and inform them about the significance of choosing a partner with industry expertise and experience.

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