A Summary Of Summer: Consumer Trends, Active Industries & Top Campaigns

summer campaigns

As the hottest season of the year draws to the end, here is a summary of Summer 2022, prevailing industries, predominant consumer behaviour that drives sales of certain product categories, along with its marketing initiatives and campaigns.

Mango is not the only product with spiked demand during the season, the core temperate of this period dictates consumer behaviour and several of their inclinations. Here we dive into the pool of campaigns that pledged to keep consumers cool during the summer and presented solutions to their needs to beat the heat.

Consumer Trends

Cooling is the top priority of consumers during summer, it has specifically been a necessity this year as heatwaves have been freaking everyone out as the climate deterioration is peaking and temperatures soar around the world. India experienced some of the highest temperatures in several regions.

This consumer trend is also detailed in The Croma Unboxed Summer 2022 Report states fan sales have doubled in 2022 over 2021, refrigerator sales rose over 100% over 2021, AC sales rose by 3x, and room cooler sales have also witnessed a 2.5X jump.

Grooming and skincare are other categories that experience a spike during summer. We’re already familiar with the demand for sun-protective measures such as sunscreen, tan-removal face masks, antiperspirants, and similar products for the female gender, but male grooming products are also on the rise, as a healthy skincare regime and grooming habits have become eminent in this day and age. Male Grooming & Shaving products grew by 63% over 2021.

Summer is also a period during which in-home entertainment is at its peak, as consumers choose to stay in instead of going on a day out, and the period also allows more leisure time due to timed vacations. This trend is also coupled with the work from home scenario (and hybrid work now) that the pandemic has brought. A 200% increase in the sale of headphones is driven by these causes, the football and cricket season that coincides with summer also resulted in a 200% rise in large screen TV sales over 2021.

Active Industries

Consumer demand commands Electronics to be the top industry in the summer season, hydration requirements puts Food & Beverages right at the top too, this is followed by Beauty & Skincare catering to the grooming needs, and then the Travel Industry supporting the vacation mode and Clothing & E-Commerce livening up the summer mood and bringing the fashion season to life.


Here are a few of the campaigns that bolstered the spiked demand of the prominent product categories and communicated solutions to the consumers through adverts designed to engage consumers and boost sales.

Ghar Le Aao, Pahadon Wali Saaf Hawa – Voltas

Conveying a product feature that filters germs and pollutants in a relatable concept, the campaign Voltas drew parallels between the pure mountain breeze to its air-conditioner’s indoor air. Along with the video campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy, the brand also extended this proposition on social media with a content umbrella revolving around this theme.

Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India (North) mentioned, “The new campaign has a little fun with our compulsive habit of moving constantly while on vacation and uses it to highlight Voltas’ promise of ‘pahadon wali saaf hawa’ ab aap ghar le aao”.

Thand Rakh – Sprite

Sprite continues its summer tradition of launching a campaign that is surrounded by the soaring heat of the season but with a humorous narrative. ‘Thand Rakh’ intends to encourage consumers to chill out during irking situations and not let the heat boil one’s blood.

Tish Condeno, Senior Director, Sparkling Flavors Category, Coca-Cola INSWA, shared, “Now that summer is here, we want to offer a cold Sprite to chill everyone down from the intense summer heat and the everyday heated moments of stress and pressure”.

Summer Story’22 – Duroflex

Duroflex launched a UGC campaign to promote their latest product range of couture bed linen collection designed in collaboration with Rohit Bal. The brand launched a series of video posts on their social channels that illustrated the summer mood and its influence on their new collection and encouraged users to share their summer stories.

Smita Murarka, Chief Marketing Officer, Duroflex, said, “This season, we wanted to offer a new range of designs that reflect the cheery and delightful mood of the Indian Summers. Summer Story 22 collection is the first of our seasonal collections that we plan to introduce with every new season”.

Summer Fits – Myntra

E-Commerce is one of the most active industries in terms of marketing initiatives and promotional content on social channels. Summer Fits by Myntra is one such series of content that taps one of the most viewed formats on Instagram, Reels, and revolves around styling summer outfits.

#SunProtection – The Man Company

The Man Company delves into a series of promotional posts that encourage the skincare practice of using sunscreen, and that illustrate their product features and how it omits harmful UV rays.

Chhota Bheem – Rasna

Rasna onboarded Chhota Bheem as their brand ambassador, as a part of its partnership with the original Make in India brand. This collaboration is supported by the launch of a TVC, and more promotions across channels.

Piruz Khambatta, Chairman, Rasna Group, stated, “We are proud to be associated with the Make in India icon, Chhota Bheem. There is a natural synergy between our brand, Rasna, and Chhota Bheem. We both are brands for the masses, especially children”.

Summarizing Summer 2022, consumer trends continue to be dictated by the rising temperatures, which have ripple effects on product demand, and control the marketing initiatives.