Brands bid farewell to Internet Explorer…

Internet Explorer

Brands and netizens are reacting to the announcement of the retirement of Internet Explorer, the 27-year-old browser with farewell messages, memes, and creatives.

Microsoft has announced the retirement of Internet Explorer, the company’s oldest browser, which phased out entirely on June 15. Microsoft revealed in a blog post last year that the Internet Explorer 11 desktop programme would be decommissioned and no longer supported on June 15, 2022, for certain versions of Windows 10. With this brand creatives and reactions started coming in.

Netizens and brands have flocked to Twitter to share posts and memes in memory of Internet Explorer. Brands such as Zomato, Fevicol, and Pulse join the conversation to honour the browser that has been the core of our lives for a very long time and the core of memes from the last few years as well.

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Here’s a look at the brands that shared creatives bidding farewell to Internet Explorer…




Chitale Dairy



Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited


Cornitos Nachos

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