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Jun 06, 2022 07:18 IST
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Mother Dairy

Manish Bandlish of Mother Dairy talks about the ever-growing industry and the brand's approach towards building moment marketing and social media for brand building.

India is the largest producer of milk in the world, contributing 23% of global milk production. The competitive dairy industry in the country is actively reliant on marketing, reaching the core audience of homemakers, kids, and now the health-conscious. A number of homegrown, farm to door brands too have now entered the league. With such increasing competition, digital marketing emerges as the go-to medium, to make a brand a part of the consumer’s digital routine. And so does Mother Dairy's marketing plan.

“At Mother Dairy, our one-point strategy focus is to have a distinct and unique narrative which can generate eyeballs in an era wherein the span of attention is usually limited. Hence, content with clear messaging would remain key to any campaign,” says Manish Bandlish Managing Director, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable.

The brand is focused on creating engaging content that is heavily reliant on moment marketing fundamentals and pop culture references. “Be it top of mind recall, initiating conversations, creating awareness, etc., our strategy is a 360-degree effort to constantly communicate to our consumers,” Bandlish adds.

Mother Dairy utilizes a mix of both traditional and new age media for a content-based strategy across varied categories.

The Social Media Chapter

Mother Dairy has multiple pages focused on different categories like @motherdairy, @motherdairyfreshdelights, & @motherdairyicecreams and the brand consistently posts across all these pages. Post pandemic, the idea has been to present and converse with the consumers, leaving out no ‘occasion’ to engage and being more humane in conversations.

The brand’s agency on record has been Wavemaker India. Moment marketing, purpose marketing, and engaging advocacy content have been the three core pillars of their content strategy.

“Social media helps in a specific targeted approach which can be measured. Any activity can be targeted to the desired set of consumers/TG with an element of measurability; therefore, it will remain in the focus set for any strategy build-up,” Bandlish shares.

He further explains that parallelly, content marketing through traditional mediums in vernacular/regional connect is also an engaging route to connect to the desired set of TG. Another key is voice-enabled/app-based platforms wherein desired content can be pushed in various formats across age groups.

“We follow a two-way approach when it comes to driving our set of content on social media i.e. moment marketing and product-led content communication,” Bandlish tells Social Samosa. “The tonality for any product communication has always been in space of engaging social media users, followers and consumers for varied product usages, functional benefits and also recipe awareness. In addition, it is also to initiate conversations around the campaign/topic of content.”

Influencer Outreach & Celebrity Strategy

The brand's approach to influencer marketing has witnessed a band of big names including Bollywood star Rajkumar Rao. They roped in the star for their last year's Republic Day initiative.

Similarly to connect with the audience better, Mother Dairy has been working with a lot of food and cooking influencers under its Winter Wonderland campaign where 10 influencers created a dish using Mother Dairy's wide range of products.

To mark the festive season with Indian sweets, Mother Dairy brought forward a campaign called #KhasMithaiHarPalKeLiye which saw television personalities like Mahhi Vij and Varun Sood.

During the pandemic, Mother Dairy roped in Neena Gupta to educate people on why they should buy Mother Dairy Paneer which is hygienically packed and vacuum sealed as opposed to Paneer that’s sold in the open.

The foremost hygiene filters for Mother Dairy, according to Bandlish are to assess/reassess the objective for any consumer content engagement, followed by alignment with the core proposition while creating content that is easily engaging and acceptable to the masses.

“These actions are also supported by design hygiene to ensure a soothing visual appeal and aesthetics for the placement of brand and products,” he says.

In addition to moment marketing, Mother Dairy's social media also witnesses regular recipe updates that uses the wide range of products they offer.

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Topical Trends & Innovations

Bandlish claims that the brand aims at capturing the exact essence of the current trend and the context of the ever-evolving environment around topicals and trends.


Speaking about trends and their impact on the audience, Manish added, "The insights we derive from the collation of information/trends helps us to assess and create content that is relevant to our set of TG and also resonates and conveys the essence of the brand or product."

To conclude, Manish expresses that while the idea is always to successfully latch with the trend placing our set of messaging, there is also a set of checks and balances that not only guides us to sharpen our messaging but also helps us to invent/reinvent to grab the attention of consumers and stakeholders. “The intent here is always to have distinct and a unique space to break from the clutter," he concludes.  

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