Instagram updates Reels with sound effects, stickers & more

Instagram Reels

Instagram users can now also add personal audio and use templates for the creation of Reels, and help engage users with their audience and express themselves more.

Over a 60-day period, public accounts with over 10,000 followers that uploaded at least 5 reels got more than 2.5x the number of followers as those in the same category who did not post reels. To build on this growth and allow more engaging experiences, Instagram has launched new features for Reels.

Sound Effects

Sound is important for Reels, more so than any other video content. From airhorns to crickets to drums and more, this updated selection of sound effects may help users add humour to a reel or generate emotional reactions from the audience while watching one.

Personal Audio

Users can now upload their own audio directly into Instagram Reels. Use the Import Audio function to add commentary or background noise to any video in the camera roll that is at least 5 seconds long.

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Use interactive stickers to engage the audience

Instagram introduced interactive stickers from Stories on Reels. Here’s how users can leverage the stickers:

1. Poll: Making a two-part reel? Poll the audience on what they think should happen in the next video so they can help shape the plot.
2. Quiz: Put the audience’s skills to the test (or teach them something new!) with this sticker.
3. Emoji Slider: Let the audience share how content makes them feel with a sticker that makes the heart-eye emoji even more powerful.

90-second Instagram Reels

Instagram is extending the length of Reels to up to 90 seconds. Users will have more time to share more about themselves, film extra behind-the-scenes clips, dig deeper into the nuances of their content or whatever else users want to do with that extra time.


The platform recently launched Templates, which allows users to easily create a reel using another one as a template. It pre-loads the audio and clip placeholders, so all one has to do is add and trim their unique clips.