How Tata AIA leveraged humorous personalized greetings for Father’s Day campaign

Tata AIA Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, Tata AIA enabled consumers to wish their fathers in a manner that would be unforgettable. Conceptualized and executed by Admatazz, the campaign created a buzz around its initiative, prior to the release, keeping the audience hooked. 

To celebrate Father’s Day, Tata AIA initiated a humorous campaign focused on helping their fans and followers to wish their father in an engaging and unforgettable way. The idea was to create communication that stands out amidst the clutter and become a part of the conversation on the ground level. 

Girish J Kalra, CMO, Tata AIA Life Insurance, states “A father plays an extremely role as the head of any family. He multitasks as the provider, advisor, and overall protector of a family and its finances. That he is always prepared for most of life’s uncertainties, is what sets him apart. This Fathers’ Day, we at Tata AIA Life, chose to celebrate this aspect of a father’s role. Seeing the campaign creating a buzz and standing out in the crowded Digital space is very encouraging. My congratulations go out to our team at Tata AIA Life and our Creative and Digital agency”.

Conceptualized and executed by Admatazz, the campaign commenced with a teaser post, as the brand promised a Father’s Day experience that dads will not forget. The post urged the viewers to stay tuned as the big surprise was brewing. 

The brand also created buzz through Instagram Stories, where they shared funny and relatable creatives with tips featuring how one can make their father happy – be it waking up at 6 AM or planning your finances. The creatives concluded with a CTA to the big surprise that would be revealed on the D Day. 

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Come Father’s Day, users were greeted with the fun activity. Tata AIA, in the post, exclaimed how they had the perfect route to help you become your dad’s favorite child. The brand further, requested. users to drop their names in the comments and await a fun gift in their inbox.

The cryptic message helped generate curiosity, as users dropped in their names in the comment, not only in the hopes of becoming their father’s favorite child but also to find out what’s brewing. 

In the final leg of the campaign, Tata AIA revealed how they managed to wish over 200 dads through heartfelt and witty wishes. 

On dropping their name in the comments, users were greeted with personalized wishes for their dads, each containing the name of their child and a message that encapsulates this warm, loving, and important relationship. Each greeting had a relatable factor, as the wishes highlighted some daily life instances such as dads giving financial advice and unconditional support during times of need. 

“The primary intention of our campaign was to help a big name like Tata AIA connect with their audience at an individual, personal level with a gesture that would make a special day even more memorable and it was truly amazing to see the overwhelming response that we received,” says Sanya Afreen, Creative Director at Admatazz, Tata AIA’s social media marketing partner and the agency that was responsible for executing this campaign.

Through the wishes, the brand managed to extend the campaign to platforms such as WhatsApp, as the kids shared these personal greetings on their family WhatsApp groups as well.