World Environment Day Campaigns 2022: Brands propagate a greener & cleaner future

World Environment Day 2022 campaigns

For World Environment Day 2022 brands launched innovative campaigns highlighting the importance of saving Planet Earth for a brighter tomorrow.

Every year June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day to raise awareness about the challenges and to take the necessary steps to conserve and repair our planet. The day is observed to emphasise the significance of protecting and preserving nature. World Environment Day 2022 saw brands chiming in with campaigns to drive the narrative further.

This year’s theme for World Environment Day is ‘Only One Earth’ focusing on ‘Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature.’ The idea behind the theme is that there are billions of galaxies in the universe, and billions of planets in our galaxy, but there is only one Earth.

Brands, too, took part and launched campaigns highlighting the importance of saving the environment for a brighter tomorrow.

Tata Tea has launched the newest version of its ‘Jaago Re’, which aims to raise awareness about climate change. The film’s main message is presented via the eyes of a kid, acting as a strong warning to all parents to take action against climate change, before it’s too late.

WOW Skin Science celebrates the Day with a new chapter of the #PalakKePakode Campaign exploring and emphasizing the wonderful memories that can be created upon sharing the experience of sowing, growing, and preparing our own food while making the world a better place to live.

This World Environment Day, more brands are focusing on sustainability. Let us take a look:

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World Environment Day 2022 campaigns

#PalakKePakode by WOW Skin Science

 #ChargeupTheEnvironment Campaign by Chargeup

Breathe India by Disney Star

Godrej Appliances

#WeCare by Nilon

Himalaya Wellness Company

#SparkTheChange by PlanetSpark 

 Sustainable Cooling for all by Symphony 

#JaagoRe by Tata Tea

Tata Studi

#OnlyOneEarth by Nickelodeon India