YouTube Updates: Research Tab, Bug Update, & more

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube updates

YouTube has announced a number of tools and changes dedicated to creators, shares updates on Shorts Fund, and a recently found bug.

The updates for YouTube creators were announced through Creator Insider, an informal channel from the video distribution platform that enables the Product teams to share newly released features and tools.

Bug Update

A bug caused uploaded videos to websites such as Facebook, Twitch, etc, automatically be marked as private, and affected creators have been notified by in-studio notice. Creators can change the video visibility settings to 'Public' if they do not want them to remain private.

Research Tab

YouTube is planning to launch a dedicated tab that would share a series of information, and answers to questions emerging from top viewer searches in YouTube Analytics. This tab is designed to give creators an understanding of what their viewers and the YouTube audience are searching for.

For instance, the top searches for a food tutorial channel could be "How to poach an egg?", "cooking tips for beginners", and so on. This tool would enable creators to comprehend the kind of content their audience is searching for and integrate those themes and topics to garner higher engagement.

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Shorts Fund Update

Shorts fund recipients who qualified based on their April activity have been notified.

Comments Panel

Currently, comments are displayed below the video on the Watch Page for desktop users, and on mobile and tablets, they're shown in a teaser panel that opens when clicked.

YouTube is streamlining the comments viewing experience by adding a comments teaser across surfaces such as desktops, and would appear beside a video, when clicked open the comments in the engagement panel would appear beside the video. This change is designed for viewers to scroll through the comments while continuing to watch the video.

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