Instagram introduces new creator tools for subscriptions

Building on the Subscription feature tested in the beta phase, Instagram has shared more information on the new features available for creators and ways for the followers to connect with them.

Selectively available to creators presently, Subscription by Instagram is designed to connect creators and their followers in an exclusive setting that the followers would be paying for, generating a monthly predictable revenue for creators.

Followers can discover interaction opportunities and exclusive content by the creators they subscribe to. Streamlined messaging, access to exclusive Reels and more such features have been outlined by the platform.

The new tools for creators to connect with subscribers on Instagram include subscriber chats, exclusive posts and Reels and an exclusive tab on the profile.

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Subscriber Chats

Creators can now create subscriber chats of up to 30 people to connect with subscribers. Subscriber chats, powered by Messenger, can be created directly from the inbox or story and end automatically after 24 hours, so allowing creators to decide when and how they engage with the subscribers.

Subscribers can join chats from a new “join chat” sticker from the story, similar to the subscription sticker rolled out earlier this year. Creators can add this sticker to both subscriber and regular stories, letting existing subscribers join the chat directly while followers can tap to easily subscribe.

The new subscriber tab in the inbox will allow users to easily organize and manage chats with subscribers so they don’t miss messages and can reply with ease.

Exclusive Posts and Reels

Instagram has introduced exclusive content as posts or reels, so subscribers can engage in the comments and come back to enjoy the content you’ve created for them. Enabling creators to keep the content on their profile exclusive, apart from the already available options for ephemeral content such as Stories and Live.

Exclusive Tab on Profile

To deliver instant value for subscribers, Instagram is launching an exclusive tab on the profile for all things Subscriptions. Now creators can create exclusive content, from saving subscriber lives, to sharing feed posts and reels, knowing that the community can easily find it as soon as they subscribe.