Manipal Hospitals’ Doctor’s Day Campaign highlights the value of trust in their profession

Social Samosa
Jul 18, 2022 06:18 IST
Manipal Hospitals’ Doctor's Day Campaign

Manipal Hospitals’ Doctor’s Day Campaign shines light on the age-old scrutiny Doctors have to go through, despite which they pick to care for others.

We presume that a doctor's profession has the highest level of respect and trust. But is the latter true? A recent survey revealed that more than 90% of Indians lack faith in the healthcare system. Manipal Hospitals captured the true motivations behind why doctors continue to do what they do best—care for us—despite being scrutinized for their choices. 

The campaign conceptualized and executed by Social Panga was released on National Doctors Day.

A fitting continuation to their campaign from the previous year, ‘Happy Doctor's Day, REALLY?’ which raised awareness about the violence experienced by Indian doctors and questioned the general public's sentiments.

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This film added a fresh perspective to the plot that underlined the patients' problems with trust.

The Ad portrays what a doctor has to go through to treat patients and overcome skepticism about the treatment. It ends with a provoking thought that it's time for the most respected profession to also become the most trusted one.

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