Meta introduces logins that don't require Facebook accounts for VR devices

Paawan Sunam
Jul 08, 2022 11:29 IST
Meta logins

Meta has begun rolling out a new structure that enables users to create logins independent of their Facebook account, and users will no longer be required to log into your Meta VR devices with a Facebook account.

Meta is also evolving the Oculus profile to a new Meta Horizon profile, which users can customize as they see fit. 'Friends' will now become 'Followers', similar to Instagram’s existing model. Users have the option to add their Facebook or Instagram account to the same Accounts Center as your Meta account, which unlocks connected experiences in VR.

Meta accounts is a new way for people to log into their VR headsets that don’t require a Facebook account. Meta accounts let users log into their VR devices and view and manage purchased apps in one place, it’s not a social profile. Alongside Meta accounts, the company is also evolving the Oculus profile to a new Meta Horizon profile. This represents the social presence in VR and other surfaces where users use their Meta Horizon profile, like the web. With the Meta Horizon profile, users can choose how they appear to others by customizing their username, avatar, and other information.

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If users don’t want to use their Facebook or Instagram accounts in VR, they have an option not to do so. Alternatively, adding the Meta account to the same Accounts Center as the Facebook or Instagram accounts unlocks connected experiences across Meta technologies, like finding Instagram followers to play games within VR or chatting with Facebook friends on Messenger.

If users are new to Meta VR devices or have previously merged their Oculus account with the Facebook account, they'll need to create a Meta account and an accompanying Meta Horizon profile starting in August 2022.

If they've been logging into the VR device with an Oculus account, they can continue to do so until January 1, 2023, at which point you’ll need to create a Meta account and Meta Horizon profile to continue using Meta VR devices. In the future, the company will extend Meta account functionality so they can use it to log into other Meta devices.

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