Twitter introduces CoTweets, its own version for collaborative posts

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Twitter CoTweets

Twitter is experimenting with a new way for users to collaborate and share the spotlight of a post and the audience it would reach with CoTweets.

Currently, in the beta phase, CoTweets is being experimented with a limited number of users on Twitter in US, Canada, and Korea, who can now send invites to CoTweet. This experiment will only run for a limited period.

An author can create the CoTweet and initiate an invite to the co-author, who then can accept the invitation, and CoTweet posts. The co-authored Tweets will simultaneously be posted on both authors' timelines, profiles, and the followers' feeds. The CoTweets will show both authors’ profile pictures and usernames in the header, and establish partnerships.

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Users can collaborate for the co-authored messaging over Direct Messages, open the Tweet composer, tap the CoTweet icon, fill in the content, select a co-author from the follower list and tap Send invite. CoTweet content can’t be edited or adjusted after a CoTweet invite is sent, the authors can start over again after deleting the CoTweet.

The invites can be sent to users that follow the author and have public accounts. Apart from being authored by two users and sharing a common audience, most features around CoTweets remain the same, but CoTweets cannot be promoted on Twitter.

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