With #AmazonSpecialsOnPrimeDay, the brand takes viewers on an immersive smartphone hunt

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#AmazonSpecialsOnPrimeDay releases a 360-degree YouTube video allowing consumers to experience a wildlife safari laced with hidden smartphones.

Amazon Specials India has initiated an immersive campaign to give customers a glimpse into smartphone offerings available on Prime Day on 23rd and 24th July. The Amazon Prime Day Smartphone Hunt is an immersive activity - the brand released a 360-degree YouTube video that allows consumers to experience a wildlife safari that is laced with hidden smartphones. Consumers can take screenshots of these smartphones as they spot them and share them on Twitter tagging the brand. Winning entries stand a chance to win prizes.

Prime Day is on the 23rd and 24th of July in India.

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#AmazonSpecialsOnPrimeDay manages to tie in the campaign with the smartphone offers on Prime Day. Further, the gamification of the campaign, keeps the consumers engaged, managing to retain their attention. The prospect of hunting for smartphones and taking a screenshot keeps the consumer glued to the screen to the very end.

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