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Who are we? is an Influencer Marketing and Content Agency which helps brands spark authentic conversations and tell compelling stories. Headquartered in India, has our team spread across India (Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru), Brazil, and Malaysia. We plan to target more emerging markets and are planning to enter Indonesia & Singapore soon. Founded by Anshul Duggal, Sarthak Shah, and Gaurav Kapoor in February 2021, each of whom brings 15+ Years of experience in Marketing, Digital, Media, and Advertising to address gaps they had identified during their career in MNCs and challenger startups alike. Anshul Duggal, who is at the helm has worked across different industries and geographies, including Alcohol, Auto, Internet, F&B, A&M, Hospitality, and more in leadership Digital and Marketing roles. 

Since our inception, with our network of 250K+ influencers and creators, we have already helped many brands like AliExpress, Ikea, Kingfisher, Lego, Niva Bupa, Red Cross, Apollo Tyres, Medimix, GOQii, Tender Cuts, and more, with their Influencer Marketing and Brand Advocacy programs. We also have a technology pipeline and are working on multiple products to make influencer marketing more efficient and cost-effective.

What's in the name? 

The ‘flynt’ in comes from ‘flintstone’ and like our namesake, we hope to act as a catalyst to spark the most authentic conversations for brands and light a fire for their message to spread far & wide. 

What we do? 

We are a brand-forward full spectrum Influencer Marketing Agency and help companies with:

  • Strategic Planning and Creative Strategy for building Advocacy Programs 
  • End to End execution for Influencer Marketing Campaigns including Scouting, Negotiations, Creative Ideation, Scripting, Production, Campaign Management, Reporting, and everything in between. Working with all categories and types of creators from Nano to Celebs, on different Social Media Platforms from Instagram and TikTok to Moj, FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Long-term contracts with celebrities & Influencers across categories for Brand endorsement and advocacy
  • Content Production, be it for nimble Influencer content strategy or for a full-blown Digital/TV content, we cover all

Why we do it? 

Influencer marketing is an industry with untapped potential, just begging for someone to make the processes more efficient and deliver authentic value for brands & influencers. We want our brands to value our creators and we want our creators to resonate with the brands so that influencer marketing isn’t just an ‘add-on’ or a ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ type of deal. Brands should have a reliable partner to get their message across, efficiently, and influencers need a friend to help them manage the ‘creative differences’ that always arise in these situations. We are the creative & administrative mediators for influencer marketing.

We spoke to over 100 marketers across different countries and be it at MNCs with deep pockets or at challenger startups, most marketers find executing Influencer Marketing Programs an uphill battle. This pain is compounded by a lack of Brand and Creative thinking with traditional partners or marketplaces. A lot of Marketing Leaders and Founders still face this issue of being asked to spend and plan Influencer Marketing Programs like one plans their media spends. Obviously, we need to look at Reach & Engagement metrics and all the other data points, but what we can’t afford is the Brand and Creative Strategy being pushed to the back seat. This gap was one of the primary reasons the founding team who also faced similar challenges as Marketers started We are the partner to brands who come with the wherewithal to handle everything end to end, are strategic in their outlook, and take the journey into this brave new world of Creators and Influencers with them together.

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How we evolve? 

  1. Research: We have stacked our team with people who want to learn. From the nano-est influencers halfway across the world to the biggest creators in our neighborhood, we have everything to learn when it comes to getting the word out. We are on it.
  2. Agility: Our team is highly experienced and spread across the world. We try to keep up with everything that’s happening, with weekly calls, seamless knowledge sharing & coordination for our creatives, influencer outreach & tech teams to deliver their best.
  3. Technology: We aim to make running influencer marketing campaigns as easy as it is to run Instagram ads. Our WIP proprietary platform will help us merge creativity, technology, and commerce for all brands & influencers.

Social responsibility in social media 

Don’t hate, participate. Social media has the power to bring us together and as an agency, our responsibility is to amplify the voices that focus on that. Period.

Whatever you’re promoting, you have an opportunity to build a unique relationship with your customer through social media. To be a part of their experience. We want to ensure that the experience our influencers and brands deliver is one that people will remember, for all the right reasons.

We don’t associate with influencers or brands that promote hate, sleaze, or just add to the noise that already exists. We want to break the clutter, and pay equal attention to how we sell and how much we sell.

Need of the hour 

The internet has been around for a while, like an outlier that is usually benign, mostly helpful, but often deceitful and occasionally monstrous. We still haven’t come to terms with the societal impact of the developments we have made in the last decade, and with us now sitting on the verge of web 3.0, cryptocurrencies, decentralized platforms, dark webs, and metaverses, there is an urgent need for competent authorities to step in and regulate what we’re taking in, as simply looking away is no longer an option. For this, we need people from the industry, with a social conscience, to participate in decision making, because as with other technologies, the people developing it are usually two steps ahead of those regulating it. We need to meet in the middle before it’s time to move more steps ahead.

We learned the hard way 

Client. Creator. Consumer. There are multiple levels at which you could get called out in this business, and while the humble pie tastes horrible, feedback is the only way for an organization to grow and improve.

Did we just share that? 

You will have to join us for our team Beer Sessions for such stories.

They work with us 

Ikea, Kingfisher, AliExpress, Dabur, Lego, Niva Bupa, Red Cross, Apollo Tyres, Medimix, GOQii, Tender Cuts, and more

Industry as we foresee 

The landscape is growing, evolving, and continuously morphing into something new. Never a dull moment in this Industry. But we are definitely seeing a strong push for creator/influencer led advocacy programs to take center stage in the larger marketing plans. With more and more local social media platforms and creators trying all kinds of different things to stay relevant, fresh, and unique -there’s no end to the stories a brand can tell. We’re happy to be along for the ride.

A day without Internet 

Sitting with our Influencer Partners creating pet videos. 

We take mental health, work-life balance, and the need to recharge regularly very seriously, and you would find our team taking mandated ‘days without internet’ often.  

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes! We are a growing organization and are perpetually on the lookout for driven folks who would build this with us. We are hiring across verticals and can be reached out at

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