Darkly humorous Wandering Bear cold brew campaign features a smart (yet wild) bear

Wandering Bear

Wandering Bear linked with agency Supernatural, to create a literal talking metaphor of the brand – a soothing and powerful bear. The campaign relies on dark humour which has been a trending content genre of late.

TikTok and Instagram have such a strong coffee culture, making them excellent platforms for coffee brands eager to connect with consumers. However, when paid social platforms updated their privacy policies, making it more difficult for Wandering Bear Coffee to physically discover its caffeine-loving audience, the cold brew business discovered that relying on the algorithm was no longer an option.

Wandering Bear collaborated with Supernatural agency and the duo created a new campaign. The star of the brand’s funny campaign, is a talking, advice-giving bear who can’t help but be a bear. The idea was to create a “literal talking metaphor” of the brand.

A woman expresses her deepest worries with her grizzly buddy, who resembles the brand’s mascot, in two short stop motion ads. With a soft tone, he lends a listening ear and gives simple guidance when necessary. He’s also keen to remind the protagonist that he’s a wild animal, suggesting mauling the lady when she claims she wants a vacation from her kids and eating her angry sister as a solution to her family problem.

According to the agency, the viewer learns that the bear is equal parts soothing and powerful—much like the Wandering Bear cold brew.

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“When the company name is Wandering Bear and the logo is a bear and the coffee is strong but smooth, it was a short walk to say that those qualities would be funny in a ‘real’ bear. That could become ownable IP for the client,” said Paul Caiozzo, Chief Creative Officer at Supernatural. “A literal walking metaphor for the product emerged and we had a lot of fun with it.”