Duroflex appoints Vector Brand Solutions as its Agency on Record

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Aug 02, 2022 21:10 IST
New Update
Duroflex Vector Brand Solutions

Duroflex assigns Vector Brand Solutions for their brand building and communication development across formats, platforms and channels.

Duroflex has awarded its Brand & Communications mandate to Mumbai-based Vector Brand Solutions.

Smita Murarka, Chief Marketing Officer, Duroflex said, “We have embarked on a new phase in the brand’s journey - to serve many more consumers with better sleep solutions. We believe we owe it to consumers to help make more informed choices on something as critical as sleep. We are confident and excited about embarking on this mission with the team at Vector, who with their contemporary approach to brand building and communication development across formats, platforms and channels will help us in what we have set out to achieve.”

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Duroflex doubled its turnover in 2022, and it plans to reach a turnover of 2000 cr by 2025.

Paul Dueman, Chief Business Officer, Vector Brand Solutions added, “We are absolutely thrilled to be chosen to partner Duroflex to build the brand and the business. We are fully invested in helping Duroflex fulfil its responsibility as well as desire to be the brand the country turns to, to sleep better. We are both confident and excited in the belief that our through-the-funnel approach and performance-branding philosophy will bring to bear all that is needed, to help fulfil their rightful ambition - which hereon, is ours too”

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