New Instagram reels features include Crossposting, Insights & more


Cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook, obtaining detailed insights, and more features to be rolled out for Instagram Reels.

Instagram is introducing three new features for creators on Reels, including the opportunity to crosspost to Facebook. The features were announced by Adam Mosseri on Instagram.

The three new Reels features include:

“Add Yours” Sticker

  • Instagram is bringing the “add yours” sticker from stories to Reels.
  • Users can add the sticker to any Reel to encourage others to create a Reel in response. It could be something like, “My highlight of the weekend was spending time at the beach. Add yours.”
  • Users can tap on the sticker and add their own reel responding to their prompt.

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IG-to-FB Crossposting

  • If a user has accounts on both social networks they can post a Reel on Instagram and have it posted on Facebook at the same time.
  • The next time a user creates a Reel on Instagram they will get a prompt asking if they wish to share it on Facebook.
  • After opting to crosspost reels created on Instagram will automatically be shared on Facebook unless the user indicates otherwise at the time of posting.
  • The default privacy setting for Reels is public. People who are not following the user will be able to see the Reels even if they have a private Facebook page.

FB Reels Insights

  • New and improved insights for Reels are rolling out to Facebook.
  • With this update, users will be able to analyze data such as reach, average watch time, total watch time, and other metrics that can help them understand how the Reels are performing on Facebook.