How Cadbury added 'Celebrations' to Raksha Bandhan Campaigns

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Cadbury Raksha Bandhan Campaigns

Here's a look at Raksha Bandhan campaigns that Cadbury has created over the years - bringing out various aspects of siblinghood.

To celebrate the spirit of Raksha Bandhan, brands have often leaned more toward emotional storytelling, creating stories of siblinghood. Along with presenting traditional brother-sister relationships, several campaigns over the years have highlighted all those who protect us in different ways, honouring the true meaning of Raksha in Raksha Bandhan. Cadbury campaigns have managed to create a different space when it comes to this celebration of siblinghood.

Cadbury, while has managed to link the brand with every festival, their Raksha Bandhan campaigns have always been a little more special. A Cadbury Celebrations campaign is a mandatory palate of taste and sweet on this particular day.

Cadbury Celebration has introduced Bluetooth-enabled #ConnectedRakhi, this year. This invention taps into the user's emotion and precisely mixes it with technological capabilities.

In 2020, when siblings spent most of their time locked up at home due to the pandemic, the brand highlighted this difference in their connection with its #CloserThisRakhi campaign. The objective was to spread positivity and urge people to spend time with their loved ones.

Let us take a look at some more campaigns by the brand which share heartwarming tales of the everlasting bond of Raksha during the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

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Cadbury Raksha Bandhan Campaigns

Iss Rakhi, kuch achha ho jaaye, kuch meetha ho jaaye
Kuch Mithaas Ho Jayee

Iss Rakhi, Khushiyan Le Chalo!
Rishte pakne do

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