Fireside Chat: Decoding the blueprint to win on e-commerce this festive season

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Comfort and convenience of online shopping and the permanent impact of temporary lockdowns have brought e-commerce to the forefront of the festive season. Vishal Jacob, Wavemaker India shares a few takeaways for decoding its blueprint.

Vishal Jacob, Chief Transformation Officer & Chief Digital Officer, Wavemaker India shares insights on decoding the blueprint to win on e-commerce in the festive season, the period when online sale skyrocket and festive campaigns are on an accelerated upsurge.

Below are a few key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

  • Smartphones is the #1 category from a sales perspective that has grown
  • Brands are now more commerce-driven and it has impacted the campaign objectives
  • E-commerce is at the center of several companies
  • Harvest festive initiatives the entire year, not just this period
  • Micro-segmentation and creation of value proposition are critical elements during the festive season
  • Shopping basket analysis is important to intersect buying behavior with consumer inclinations
  • Pre-festive and post-festive planning is something that brands need to focus on
  • Use first-party data to get communication and value proposition right
  • The way we've structured social commerce os there is no standardized definition for it

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  • The fine balance of promoting the product and engaging the audience is significant
  • Marketing in today's day and age is having a high share of voice and recall in your industry
  • Comments and shares contribute to your clout, and marketing is the way of building brands
  • Content plays a critical role
  • Create a superior experience
  • Elements and media channels being overutilized or underoptimized is subjective, and such use cases may not be specifically applicable for your brand's campaign, every single touchpoint can be over or underutilized
  • Discovery, Delight, and Demand are the three core aspects of leveraging e-commerce during the festive season. Enable product discovery, delight users with a superior experience, and generate demand
  • Leverage first-party data for media activations
  • E-Commerce is promising, but don't just look at it as a media channel, it's also a business channel, optimize the distribution too
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