Case study: How HDFC #BounceBack leveraged GenZ influencers to engage with students


The HDFC #BounceBack campaign engaged with students through GenZ influencers. The campaign featured influencers such as Chahat Tewani, Meet Mukhi, and more.

This Case Study explores how HDFC created awareness around its brands in a campaign targeted at students, especially the COVID batch, as they’re called. The #BounceBack campaign had an active influencer marketing leg.


Wobb and HDFC executed an initiative to commemorate students, parents, and teachers for their resilience and efforts during the pandemic. Students were addressed by influential speakers such as Vibha Padalkar, Managing Director & CEO, HDFC Life, Sunil Chhetri, Captain of the Indian National Football team, and Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder CashKaro&EarnKaro.

Problem Statement

The primary objective wasn’t to market the brands but rather to work towards bringing a change in attitude, to pay homage to the hard work and efforts of the students who are referred to as the COVID batch. Considering the nature of the #BounceBack campaign, it was necessary to onboard the right influencers to acknowledge the commendable fighting spirit of the students, teachers, and family members in a difficult time. The brand facilitated and acknowledged students for completing their scholastic journey despite the harsh challenges faced by them and their families during the uncertain times brought on by the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Reaching the target audience required influencers that Gen Z can easily relate to, with the right filters on the platform. The brand selected the creators they believed could share the message brand wants to convey with this campaign and onboarded renowned influencers like Chahat Tewani, Ayan Zubair, and more.

  • The digital marketing channels included: Instagram
  • The brand targeted a pan-India audience comprising primarily of students who completed their grade 12 during the pandemic, their teachers, and family members.
  • Motivating videos were created with influencers like Chahat Tewani, Ayan Zubair, Varun Budhadev
  • Targeted messaging was deployed to create awareness regarding the event.
  • The campaign targeted the student demographic by onboarding popular young and influential creators.
  • The event took place on Metaverse giving the audience an enriching experience. 
  • The speakers of the campaign included Vibha Padalkar, Managing Director & CEO, HDFC Life, Sunil Chhetri, Captain of the Indian National Football team, and Swati Bhargava, Co-Founder CashKaro & EarnKaro.


Chahat Tewani

  • Impressions: 17132
  • Reach: 132899
  • Views: 131000
  • Total Engagement: 18520

Varun Budhadev

  • Impressions: 31948
  • Reach: 53127
  • Views: 50400

Meet Mukhi

  • Impressions: 5385
  • Reach: 5332
  • Views: 49600

Ayan Zubair

  • Impressions: 241,490
  • Reach: 208751
  • Views: 85815
  • Total Engagement: 17025