Pebble Smartwatches launches #ZenModeOn campaign ft. Tiger Shroff

Yashvi Shah
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Pebble Smartwatches launches #ZenModeOn campaign ft. Tiger Shroff

Instead of following a blueprint of hustle that tells one where to go and how to reach there, follow the sound of soul with the Zen Mode On, says the new campaign.

With Bollywood star Tiger Shroff, Pebble has started a distinctive campaign called "ZenModeOn." He was spotted grooving to the tune in a Zen Mode. The initiative is being launched in the midst of continuing discussions about hustle culture with the goal of shifting the conversation to physical and mental fitness.

Tiger Shroff and Pebble published a music video to launch the campaign in which he can be seen dancing in Zen Mode to the song. His painstakingly orchestrated performance illustrates how, in contrast to a rushed attitude devoid of any work-life balance, taking meaningful actions in life inspires considerably more happiness and energy.

As a part of the campaign, the brand executed a Reels phase featuring prominent content creators. The Reels advocated Zen mode to reach full potential, without eating into your health and mental peace. It helps you tune out the hustle and focus on yourself.

The campaign implores people, particularly the present millennial generation, to adopt a completely new way of life that relies on instilling thoughtfulness and finding the optimum work-life balance. 

Pebble’s campaign connected with over 900 creators with the hashtag #ZenModeOn, resulting in 42.6 million views and over 3 million likes. Over 50 micro and nano influencers participated in this hashtag in addition to that. The video was chosen by 50+ Meme and Bollywood Instagram accounts.

Komal Agarwal, the co-founder of Pebble, echoed the sentiments saying that “It is fine for once to miss a deadline and switch off one’s mind to achieve the Zen mode. The campaign by Pebble aims to ensure mental strength and stability amid the cut-throat race to chase multiple professional goals while going on with other day-to-day activities and responsibilities.”

The campaign aims to instill a brand-new way of life that relies on cultivating thoughtfulness and striking the optimum work-life balance in people from all age groups, notably the present generation of millennials.x