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Paawan Sunam
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Reddit has launched updates and improvements to the Home Feed experience, announced through the blog series 'The Feed Read', tapping into recurring changes devised to improve the user experience, with improved feed controls being the first in line.

Reddit didn’t have a continuous scrolling feed, during the early days, it used to have pages, and over time it evolved, and allowed users to endlessly scroll through Home (subscribed communities) and Popular top content from across Reddit). The News feed was introduced (on iOS only), as a way to quickly navigate to the latest news headlines and corresponding conversations from various news-centric communities.

Since users became accustomed to feeds, they started switching between them frequently and finding new ways to customize their experience along the way. From custom feeds to plugins, even creating new accounts specifically for browsing specific types of communities. The platform wanted to learn from these behaviours and create ways to make it even easier to have the type of experience they want on Reddit and make the most out of the feeds.

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Now Reddit is rolling out the first of a series of updates to how users navigate Reddit. This first change is updating where users find existing feeds on their native mobile apps. On the Reddit app, the Home, Popular, and News (iOS only) feeds will move from the top of the app screen into a drop-down menu. To switch feeds they can either swipe between them (which is the primary way most users switch between feeds today) or simply tap on the drop-down menu and select desired feed.

Reddit will be making more changes to how they discover content and communities on the platform and will be focusing on a few pillars of the feed journey.

  • Feed Architecture - Improving the way that users interact with and switch between various feeds on Reddit.
  • Feed Expansion - Providing more specific feeds to engage with (think Gaming, Sports, Politics, Beauty, etc.).
  • Feed Performance - Fast and seamless experience.

Reddit will be launching more updates to improve and refine the feed experience in the coming months.