Swiggy Reels Strategy: Creativity sprinkled on snackable content

The recipe of Reels at Swiggy is blended with popular trends baked with illustrative concepts that add a unique dash of ingenuity to slice of a foodie’s life, and here are the ingredients of their fresh content.

Creative visuals is the element that is most distinctive with Swiggy, which makes it stand out within the Reels tab that hosts a variety of food-related content. The brand uses unique illustrations themed around relatable instances from the life of a foodie, and here we peek through the refrigerator of Swiggy where fresh Reels appear every few peeks.

Stop-motion, animation, textual context, and more, Swiggy uses multiple visual elements that create a peculiar slate of Reels tapping various everyday instances that foodies would be able to relate to.

Hiding snacks, filling up your plate with delicacies, breaking an egg, or wishing their community on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi, Swiggy fuses several of such relatable instances into creative concepts and widely circulating trends. Music is another element that Swiggy incorporates into their content.

In a conversation with Social Samosa, Paras Sharma, Director, Content and Community Partnerships, Facebook (Meta)India, highlighted the importance of music saying, music enables storytelling, transitions, and attention.

He added that, “It triggers engagement. All of this forms a backdrop for why music becomes important for users and creators and thus becomes important for Meta. Songs are not just getting discovered, but they are inspiring creations. It is not about passive leaned back consumption but active consumption and leaned forward creation that makes the reels unique”.

Swiggy enables eccentric storytelling through songs remixed with snackable content, and also uses it for transitions, and active usage of popular tracks from the library. These tracks and their usage varies for each piece

Collaboration with creators also facilitates human representation of several relatable instances around experiences of ordering food and being a hardcore enthusiast of deliciousness. These various aspects overall create a delicious recipe of savory Reels.

Key Takeaways For Brands From Swiggy Reels

Brands tapping Reels, or looking to dive into the format can gain a few takeaways and learnings from the Swiggy Reels Strategy.

  • Keep a finger on the pulse of the audience
  • Tap multiple visual formats
  • Recreate content with recurring themes to build affinity
  • Global trends should be adapted to the regional context
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Mix up trends and give it your own take
  • Make unique content on common themes

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Swiggy Reels

Ganesh Chaturthi

Thirst Trap

Message From Crush

Vada Pav

Round Rotis

A Lot On My Plate

Hide & Seek

Under Water

Food Incoming

Instamart Hacks

Bachpan Ka Pyaar

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