WhatsApp launches integration with Salesforce & call links

Paawan Sunam
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The WhatsApp and Salesforce integration would allow businesses to build experiences to chat with customers on the messaging platform while being able to manage communication on Salesforce.

The integration with Salesforce builds on WhatsApp Cloud API’s capabilities available to Salesforce customers globally. The partnership intends to enable these businesses to offer new experiences on WhatsApp and manage these across Salesforce Customer 360 applications.

By partnering with Salesforce, a CRM platform, more businesses would be able to use WhatsApp to connect with their customers. For example, as a part of the pilot for the integration, L’Oréal group brands will use WhatsApp to reconnect with consumers who had previously left items in a shopping cart and will send them coupons and offers, on the chat thread. WhatsApp would continue to build tools that will help more businesses provide support to their customers, showcase and discuss products, and more.

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Furthermore, WhatsApp has introduced call links, an easier and simpler way to hold video and audio calls, allowing users to join a call with the link. Users can smoothly create call links and share it with friends and family. Additionally, the feature has professional use case applications too.

Since work from home and hybrid situations became a necessity, the utility of remote work tools has been on an upsurge but WhatsApp has also turned out to be a quick and simple facilitator for co-ordination and group calls. The new feature would discard the process of adding participants after saving their contacts. The link can be directly shared in groups, and users can conveniently join in.