LinkedIn launches a B2B deep sales platform

LinkedIn Deep sales platform

With the new deep sales platform by LinkedIn, sellers will be able to assess Relationship Intelligence, Account Insights, and Buyer Intent to build deeper consumer relationships.

LinkedIn has launched a deep sales platform, thereby opening up a new category of B2B sales intelligence technology. The technology is a breakthrough solution for businesses as it learns from data to make predictions and recommendations at a scale that may not be possible for sellers to achieve on their own.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions is building a deep sales platform, which will deliver timely and actionable insights for organizations to focus on the highest-probability accounts and approach buyers with ‘welcomed and relevant outreach’ for better business outcomes. The deep sales launch comes after LinkedIn’s recent global research revealed that only 20% of buyers are in-market for services in a given year, which makes understanding buyer intent critical for all sellers.

The LinkedIn State of Sales APAC 2022 research reveals that 81% of Indian buyers say that working remotely has made buying easier, while 84% of Indian sellers say they have seen a deal lost or delayed in the past year because of a decision-maker changing roles.

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The deep sales technology by LinkedIn Sales Solutions aims to help sellers build more effective B2B connections by delivering actionable insights and recommendations in three priority areas:

  1. Account insights: Targeting accounts that have the best chance of success.
  2. Relationship intelligence: Identifying decision-makers and finding the best path to reach them.
  3. Buyer intent: Capitalizing on the right moments to reach out, based on signals and alerts of key moments such as organizational growth, job changes, and change in strategy.

Some of the next-gen Sales Navigator’s features, as part of the deep sales launch by Linkedin Sales Solutions, include:

  • An Account Dashboard, where sellers can see their list of saved accounts and their level of interest, based on a number of signals. Teams will also be able to monitor interest levels over time so they can determine the best time for outreach and the message that is most likely to resonate.
  • Alerts about accounts showing intent in the Homepage Highlights section and a Buyer Intent filter in Search, where sellers will now have buyer intent information as part of their day-to-day Sales Navigator workflow, making it as easy as possible to prioritize the right accounts at the right time.

Abhai Singh, Head of Sales Solution, India at LinkedIn said, “Over the past two years, a covid-stricken remote reality forced everything to move online, which made selling less personal and buying more complex. This upheaval in the way customers make buying decisions has caused many sellers to ‘shallow sell’ – an endless loop of contacting large numbers of potential buyers in ways that no longer work. To break this loop, sellers need deeper intel about buyer psyche and our deep sales platform offers just that. In observance of all privacy rules that our members expect from us, our platform helps sellers forgo the spray-and-pray approach and access more first-person, reliable data to develop deeper buyer relationships today.”