Meta launches paid partnership tag for Facebook Reels

Branded Content has now been enabled for Facebook Reels by Meta globally, and all creators can share a disclosure of their collaboration through the paid partnership tags.

The content format grown at an exponential rate on Meta platforms will now be supporting branded content campaigns, allowing creators to monetize this content type, and brands to leverage the high engagement rate of Reels. The development is a part of Meta’s initiative to boost creator monetization.

Creators can use the branded content tag tool (‘Paid partnerships with’ label) on Facebook Reels in their posts and tagged brands can now convert these reels to branded content ads (‘Sponsored with’ label). All creator content that features or is influenced by a brand or product for an exchange of value (e.g. monetary payment or free gifts) must also tag that business. Once tagged, the business partner will be notified and receive certain metrics about the post.

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Creators who comply with the Partner Monetisation Policies will be eligible to use the branded content tool. In order to stay eligible to use this tool, creators must also comply with the Branded Content Policies, which prohibit the promotion of certain types of content using the branded content tool and prescribe best practices for promoting certain restricted categories of content using the branded content tool. Branded content posts that do not comply with these policies are subject to removal from Meta. Creators can also know more about these policies and how to request a review should the content be removed for a violation.

To get started, download the Branded content on Facebook Reels setup guide for step-by-step instructions, to learn more about product features such as the ‘audience restrictions’ toggle which allows users to restrict who can view the content by age or location, how to grant permissions to business partners to create branded content on Facebook Reels ads and more.