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With an aim to enable efficient trend prediction and accurate measurement of campaigns, Pinterest has launched new tools to help advertisers leverage the optimal potential of Pinterest.

Pinterest is expanding the Trends tool from the US, UK, and CA to 30 additional countries and 22 languages globally, offering industry-first insights into when top search terms peak. Advertisers can use this information to understand what is trending with their audiences and align creative, targeting, merchandising, content, and sales calendars to the trends Pinners are most engaged with. The globally available feature is now available on all surfaces, with an enhanced experience on desktops and tablets.

Using the Pinterest Trends tool can help advertisers win the Q4 holiday season and beyond with industry-first features including:

  • Trends your audience loves – this widget on the homepage of Pinterest Trends allows advertisers to see what is trending with their engaged users and followers in the last 90 days.
  • Trends by demographics – the only tool that helps advertisers filter by age, topic, time, and place
  • Seasonal trends – new trend types such as Seasonal trends help advertisers better align content and marketing calendars to when Pinners are most engaged with different topics

While the Pinterest Trends tool’s new features are exciting on their own, where trends really shine is how advertisers are using them to drive performance for their businesses.

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Brands like Ally Financial tapped into Pinterest Trends life events and moments like Holiday Gift Guide, Financial Resolutions, and Tax Refund Ideas to inform their creative and audience strategy. As a result, they saw 33% more efficient CPMs1 and 56% more efficient CPiA2 than other paid social channels in driving incremental deposit account opens.

The platform has also launched API for Conversions, integrated with Shopify and Google Tag Manager. The Pinterest API for Conversions is a new way for advertisers to connect their data to Pinterest, allowing for better targeting and measurement. Through this tagless, server-to-server solution, advertisers gain continued performance visibility, while allowing for the optimization of Pinterest ad campaigns.

To date, hundreds of advertisers across the world have partnered with Pinterest to implement the API for Conversions in order to observe its impact on advertiser performance and reliability. The early results from those findings showed that the API for Conversions is not just the future of conversion measurement, but also acts as a current driver of performance for Pinterest advertisers. Advertisers who adopted the API for Conversions have seen.

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