Pixelfox wins Scaler's creative mandate

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As per Scaler's mandate, Pixelfox will be looking after the brand's USA accounts' communication on social media platforms. 

Scaler has appointed Pixelfox -for its communication on social media platforms. Pixelfox will manage Scaler USA’s accounts across social media, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Right from content curation to hopping on significant moments while keeping intact the brand’s objective, i.e. training young professionals, the foxes will manage all creative aspects for Scaler USA. The aim is to drive engagement with the target audience and create strategies that lead to impactful brand-focused conversations. 

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“We are expanding to the U.S. market with courses that will feature industry veterans from some of the world’s leading tech companies serving as instructors, mentors, and career coaches. For such work, we needed the right creative agency to understand where the brand comes from. More and more, with all our interactions with the team, we have felt that our passion for what we do certainly matches the creative capabilities of Pixelfox. The agency has the experience, the ability, and the zeal to help us get our message out to audiences in the United States. We are an ed-tech, but certainly not a regular ed-tech. Pixelfox has some great ideas to communicate this,” says Ranjeet Kumar, Head - Brand & Content, Scaler India. 

Krutika Vernekar, the co-founder of Pixelfox remarks, “With a systematic and an industry-integrated approach, it’s incredible how Scaler is enabling the upskilling and development of the tech workforce. For us, it is also clear that Scaler looks at education through a truly evolved lens. And this needs to come across in everything we work on! There is a Scaler way of doing things, from a topical trending post to even a simple textual tweet. It’s tech, certainly. But it’s also so much fun!” 

“Our work process aligns with Scaler’s vision of bringing quality education that transforms an industry professional’s growth trajectory. A brand that has such a radical approach toward education deserves a content strategy that’s also out of the box. At the same time, while our content may have various tech elements to it, it’s important to maintain clarity in our messaging. Because what needs to stand out is that spirit of wanting to learn, grow and create an impact!” adds Amit Damani, the co-founder of Pixelfox. 

With various ed-tech brands being introduced in the industry every other day, Pixelfox aims to distinguish Scaler USA as “the truly superlative ed-tech brand.”

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