Twitter's new update allows users to add multiple types of media in the same tweet

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Twitter feature update

Twitter has released a new update that will allow users to share multiple types of media – gifs, photos, videos, and memes – in a single Tweet.

This feature will roll out globally to iOS and Android, with a chance to see mixed media Tweets on the web.

Previously, anyone who wanted to share different media formats would have to do it in different Tweets or threads. Now, when people open the Tweet composer, they can select and upload a combination of up to four types of media - photos, memes, GIFs, and videos - and publish them all together. They can also rearrange the layout of their media while composing the Tweet.

Last week, Twitter rolled out two updates to make it easier for people to discover and watch videos - a new video carousel in Explore and a new immersive video player.

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The Explore tab video carousel helps users find more videos they would like alongside Tweets and Trends that might interest them. 

On the other hand, the updated immersive media viewer expands videos to full screen with a single click, allowing people to easily access the full, immersive viewing experience. To activate it, people who access Twitter on iOS need to tap or click on a video in the Twitter app.