With Diwali just around the corner, vivo has unveiled its brand-new endearing campaign, "TogetherWithJoy."

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The creative digital campaign designed by FCB India for vivo focuses on the festive season and togetherness, inspiring viewers to make moments joyous and brighter together.

The digital film for vivo begins with a video call where a granddaughter is telling the protagonist that they won't be able to visit him for the festive season, leaving him sad. Later, the grandfather reminisces about old happy times when he receives a video from his granddaughter expressing concern over an unkempt rangoli, that she is trying to make without him. This causes the grandfather to reflect deeply, and he later understands that Diwali is where your loved ones are, irrespective of the place. The family comes together to celebrate the festive period at the end of the ad.

The campaign exemplifies the celebration of togetherness while reinforcing the thought that a family can only experience true joy when they celebrate it together.

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 With this campaign, vivo intends to strengthen bonds and create a world of joy.

 It is a heartfelt reminder that festivals are nothing but a chance to celebrate quality family time with your loved ones, and wherever our loved ones can get together, that becomes the home of celebrations.

Speaking on the campaign launch, Yogendra Sriramula, Head, Brand Strategy, vivo India, said, “People are getting ready to celebrate Diwali with full zeal and excitement after two years of soft celebrations in which people were forced to spend festivals away from their families. Diwali is a festive time for people to gather and bond with their family, friends, and loved ones. However, with the zillions of things we juggle in daily life, misunderstandings and friction do occur in relationships.”

Home is where loved ones come together to celebrate! This heart-warming story from vivo captures the spirit of the festival, reminding everyone to celebrate together with joy.

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