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Best Global Brands Report

Microsoft, Tesla, and Chanel have seen the greatest YoY percentage growth, all increasing brand value by 32%, states Interbrand’s 2022 Best Global Brands Report.

Interbrand has today announced its Best Global Brands 2022 ranking at Web Summit 2022. Apple holds onto the number one position for its 10th consecutive year, while Microsoft has moved up into second place, overtaking Amazon.

Microsoft, Tesla, and Chanel have seen the greatest YoY percentage growth, all increasing brand value by 32%.

Despite Tesla’s continued growth, it could not replicate the 184% increase in brand value it saw in 2021.

Top 10 

With an 18% increase in brand value, Apple (US$482,215m) has remained at the top of the table. It is followed by Microsoft (US$278,288m), which has leapfrogged Amazon (US$274,819m) to be number two in the rankings. Google (US$251,751m) has held onto its number four spot. 

The remainder of the top 10 companies are Samsung #5 (US$87,689m), Toyota #6 (US$59,757m), Coca-Cola #7 (US$57,535m), Mercedes-Benz #8 (US$56,103m), Disney #9 (US$50,325m) and Nike #10 (US$50,289m) for the first time. 

The top 10 brands make up 53% of the total value of the entire table.

Table Value 

The average brand value has reached over US$3 trillion for the first time ever - a 16% rise from 2021 (US$2,667,524m).

A 16% increase in the table's overall brand value demonstrates the growing contribution a company's brand has in driving its economic success. While financial markets have shown significant swings over the last few years, the value of the world's strongest brands have steadily increased driving customer choice, loyalty and margins. 

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Key Learnings 

The fastest risers in 2022 (in terms of brand value % change, year-on-year) significantly outperformed the fastest-falling brands on three Brand Strength factors – Direction, Agility and Participation.

  • Direction – these brands set a clear direction, ensuring that the entire organization knows where they are going, and are working towards the same ambition.
  • Agility – having done this, they move fast, bringing new products and services to market and, where necessary, pivoting to address changing customer needs.
  • Participation – ultimately, bringing people on a journey with them and making them part of the movement to create an engaging brand world.

Chris Capossela, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft said: “At Microsoft, we believe that technology can help empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. While we continue to help customers digitally transform and leverage our technology to do more with less, we’re excited to grow with our audiences beyond brand constraints as a truly valuable part of their lives.”

Gonzalo Brujó, Global CEO of Interbrand said: “As we journey through this period of economic uncertainty, the most successful brands will continue to make ever stronger connections with consumers. It is no longer enough to have a static business and brand offering. Successful brands know how to harness new technology to create improved experiences for consumers and become a truly integrated part of their lives.

“These top 10 brands defy the rules. They build exceptionally strong relationships with their customers, which allows them to extend the equity of their brand beyond traditional products, sectors or silos. They stand out in terms of leadership, empowerment and change—and with that comes value.”

Ashish Mishra, CEO, Interbrand India & South Asia sees a strong pattern and a learning in the Best Global Brands Report: “Constantly evolving yet having a clear Direction while being Agile is the new competency for the local Brands and Businesses to master. Ongoing Participation of Brands with its internal and external stakeholders is therefore the new strategic imperative. This has implications on organizational structures, intelligence systems and cultures. We are seeing increasing interest and appreciation for such Brand-led transformations in recent times”. 

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